RuSpa Dubai. Double Paradise


60 min — AED 900 810

90 min — AED 1300 1170

Four hands massage is ideal for those who face difficulties in letting go of their hectic day to day struggles. Based on Ayurveda, this massage consists of two therapists that simultaneously work on the body in a choreographed manner. These choreographed movements and strokes aids in healing and relaxing the body. A service like this requires time and effort, which is why most massage centers in Dubai are hesitant to offer this service. We here at RUSPA, with a team of certified and professional European therapists, will ensure that you walk away from a 60- or 90-minute session with a renewed sense of joy and happiness. Not only we do provide the most authentic version of the four hands massage, but we also offer it for the most competitive prices in the Emirate.

Four hands massage therapy uses a combination of techniques commonly used in Swedish and aromatherapy massages. The therapist alternates between light and deep flow movements and helps to balance the energy of your body, as it positively affects both the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The slow and long sweeping motions across your body release endorphins from your nervous system, evoking a sense of happiness. The therapist focuses on muscles that are triggered by inflammation and pain. Once the muscles are relieved, it makes it easier to release the knots, allowing a faster healing process. Our team of therapists undergoes regular training and provides you an equally friendly and hospitable experience.