RuSpa Dubai. Indulgences For Two


60 min — AED 900 810

90 min — AED 1300 1170

A massage therapy is the best way to bid farewell to your stress or get relief from an injury causing chronic pain. If you have a significant other in life, then it would be a great idea to indulge in a couple massage at RUSPA. A couple massage is the best way for two people to unwind after a tiring week and get complete relaxation. The massage is done on two tables placed side by side and is performed by two different massage therapists. It is a great time for two couples to connect and revisit their relationship on an emotional level.

A couple massage allows the two people involved to have a shared experience which is like no other. After this type of massage, most people feel a stronger bond between them. It has also been scientifically proven that massage therapy can help in increasing the feeling of affection and intimacy by releasing oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine in the body. Most of the time, people are intimidated by a solo session of massage therapy and feel much more comfortable when sharing the experience with someone they love and trust. In a couple massage, each person will get a specific massage according to their needs which they get to decide at the beginning of the session.

One of the best ways to celebrate a special occasion like a wedding anniversary or a birthday is by having a couple massage. You can gift it to someone you love like your best friend or even someone in the family. The important thing is that you feel safe with the person. This type of massage will help you relax and bring back positive memories which is good for your psychological health. At RUSPA, you can choose between a 60 or 90 minutes massage session where all your key goals can be achieved.