RuSpa Dubai. Moroccan Bath Body Ritual & Tension - Relief Massage



1h 45min — AED 700
2h 30min — AED 950
Also known as Royal Hammam treatment, a Moroccan bath with body massage is a traditional wellness treatment that is popular all over the world. Moroccan hammam baths make use of steam instead of water to detoxify the body of all impurities and soften the skin. It also helps to improve blood circulation, eases muscular tension, and relieves joint pain.

Our Moroccan massage service includes foam massage, body scrubs, and body rub down. The 90-minute treatment starts with a 10-15-minute steam bath, which helps to open your pores fully. Next, the therapist will rinse and scrub your body with a Moroccan loofah and then wash it away with a combination of olive oil and honey soap. The 30-minute Moroccan bath is followed by a 60-minute massage session, for which you’ll be taken to one of our luxurious massage rooms. Allow yourself to relax and indulge your mind in the soothing music played on the background. Our professionally certified therapist will use gentle and long strokes to loosen those tight knots fully and slowly bring your body and mind to a state of equal equilibrium.

At RUSPA, we offer the most authentic variation of the Royal Hammam treatment in Dubai. Our 90-minute Moroccan Bath and massage treatments start from AED 850 and come without any hidden charges. Also, customers can freely mix and match the procedures if they wish and even add or remove treatments at will. Additionally, customers can also add-on services such as manicure and pedicure as a part of our luxury hammam experience.