RuSpa Dubai. Tension Relief Massage


60 min — AED 400 360

90 min — AED 625 560

A Tension Relaxation Massage is one of the most famous massage techniques in the world and the main focus of this massage therapy is to increase blood flow and circulation. It also helps in draining the lymph nodes to support immune system function which makes a person more relaxed. These benefits of the Tension Relaxation Massage help to maintain the body's defenses against various types of diseases. Contrary to popular belief, the Swedish massage technique did not originate in Sweden, and Johan Georg Mezger, who is Dutch, is credited with inventing this procedure.

The different style of techniques used in a Tension Relaxation Massage includes stroking, kneading, rubbing which causes friction, and striking. This type of massage therapy is focused on the entire body and is a direct way to remove stress, pain, body aches, and tension. Massages are always known to enhance the connection between the mind and brain which essentially means that energy and physical matter is kept in a fine balance. The process of a Tension Relaxation Massage begins with the client's joints and muscles being stretched. At RUSPA, you can choose the session of massage which can last 60 or 90 minutes.

Organic oil will be used along with the Tension Relaxation Massage at our spa which helps to calm the body and mind. The stress which has been built up inside the body begins to get released after the oil has been used. The music used during the massage therapy will assist in rejuvenating the client and reduce the stress levels. The strokes used in the massage are smooth while kneading helps to loosen the muscles. Friction caused by rubbing both hands back and forth in opposite directions allows for a totally relaxing experience. If you want the most professional Tension Relaxation Massage with organic oil in Dubai, then RUSPA is the top massage center in the
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